How Much Hay Should I Buy for My Horse?

I am frequently asked by horse owners regarding the amount of hay they should purchase for their horse(s). Many owners have plenty of pasture for the summer months and are only concerned with how much they will need to purchase to get through the winter. In this article I will illustrate how I go about determining how much hay needed for my horses.

First of all a mature horse will consume approximately 2% of its body weight in dry matter each day. Growing horses or pregnant horses may require more. You will want to adjust this number a little bit but it does serve as a good rule of thumb. Also, I just assume my horses will eat 100% hay – although I do give them grain and other nutrients. However, by using 2% of their weight I know that I may end up having a little bit too much rather than not enough. I have a place to store it indoors and if I did end up with too much it will easily keep until next winter. Furthermore, it is always easier to get rid of hay in the middle of the winter than it is to buy it.

An average riding horse weighs 1000 pounds and therefore will consume 20 pounds of dry matter per day (1000 * 0.02 = 20). However, everything in the world has water in it, there is nothing that is 100% dry. Even "dry" hay has approximately 10% moisture content,we must adjust for this. Therefore, 22 pounds of hay are required to feed a 1000 pound horse. It is also important to consider that some hay will be wasted, either because of mold during storage, there will be parts of the bale the horse won’t eat, or the horse will turn hay some hay into bedding! A good rule of thumb is to adjust by another 10% to account for this waste thereby resulting in 24 pounds per 1,000 pound horse per day. If you do not feed with a hay feeder then this figure should be adjusted further by at least 10% since more hay will be trampled and wasted by your horse.

However, this does not answer a fundamental question of how many bales of hay are required to feed a horse. The complication here is that not all hay is created equal, bale sizes can differ substantially for both small square bales and large round bales. Hay weight can also vary depending on whether it is purely alfalfa, purely grass, or a mixture of both. Finally, some balers pack hay more tightly than others, really the only way to determine how what baler was used is to ask the supplier.

In general though the following is true:

  • Soft Core Round Bales 10-12 lbs/cu ft
  • Hard Core Round Bales 12-15 lbs/cu ft
  • Small Square Bales 6-8 lbs/cu ft

The differences can be mostly attributed to grass verses alfalfa with grass weighing less than alfalfa.

To determine the amount of cubic feet in a round bale requires the volume equation for a cylinder; V = PI*r2*h where PI = 3.14, r = radius or ½ diameter, h = height (in the case of round bales this is the length – a bale is simply a cylinder laying on its side).

So a bale that is five feet in diameter and five feet in length has a volume of 3.14*2.52*5=98.125 cu. ft. and since there are 10-12 lbs/cu ft. a soft core round bale will weigh 981 to 1178 pounds, depending on how much grass verses alfalfa it contains. This amount of hay will feed a 1,000 pound horse for 40 to 50 days (simply take 981/24 or 1178/24).

To make life easier on those of you who have no desire to work with the math, I have created the following calculator to help you. Note, this uses the assumptions that I illustrated above and it may not reflect exactly how much hay your horse will eat. Some horses eat more than others and some less. Some horses are pickier and therefore there will be more wasted hay. Also, this assumes you have purchased hay with grasses that are eaten by horses and that is not moldy. However, this calculator has worked very well for me.

Horse Hay Calculator

This calculator makes the following assumptions:

  • A horse will consumes 2% of its body weight daily.
  • Moisture content of hay is 10% - this is typical.
  • 10% of hay is waste, either from spoilage, not desired by horse, or pulled out of the
    feeder and trampled by the horse.
  • A feeder is used for large round bales - not using a feeder can significantly increase waste.
Information About Your Horses

Weight of Horse(s) refers to the total weight of all your horses, use a weight tape if you don't know or you may just go off of the average for the breed(s) in question.

Feeding Months refers to how many months out of a typical year do you need to feed hay. Assuming the rest of the time the horses eat grass in the pasture.

Weight of Horse(s)
Feeding Months
Hay Required pounds Useful if you buy your hay by the pound/ton


Round Bale Information

Soft Core Hard Core
Percent Grass % Percent Alfalfa %
Bale Diameter feet Bale Length feet
Bale Weight pounds
Bales Required


Small Square Bale Information

To guage the weight of your bales simply grab five or more bales,
weigh them, and take the average.
Bale Weight pounds
Bales Required


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He finished drawing the bars, a hand gesture made to go out. ai Jiaxuan then figure out karen millen outlet the Li widow did begin to sell Lu zilin, and to borrow in the form of the first irrigation Five Pecks of wheat took eight silver, soon sign papers and then afterwards settled. This moment to see Bai Jiaxuan than deer Lin premium to the gamblers son who give her much higher heart a turn to change your mind and want to sell Bai Jiaxuan, also use the funds from Bai Jiaxuan to her the Luzi Lin borrowing. Bai Jiaxuan clarify the process just shout from the Lee widow: "true gossips and sincere!" But things are now, he can not tolerant Lu Zilin. Persuade his people at home, he said: "Divide the Lee family widow woman seen you to give me one, how do I no longer want her to; What do you then do not say Rama sets plow enclosure, This is obviously pee thing to my face! "his idea to become more firm, no matter how Li widow woman insight, which in itself has nothing to do with him; his hands clutching a land sales contract, went to the state went to the county, there is a management lawsuit gas. He has complained to the county. The Lu zilin complaints to the county.Instead of taking the road to London, therefore, they turned the other way about and were soon beyond the crowd among the frozen reaches of the Thames where, save for sea birds and some old country woman hacking at the ice in a vain attempt to draw a pailful of water or gathering what sticks or dead leaves she could find for firing, not a living soul ever came their way. The poor kept closely to their cottages, and the better sort, who could afford it, crowded for warmth and merriment to the city. Hence, Orlando and Sasha, as he called her for short, and because it was the name of a white Russian fox he had had as a boy ¡ª a creature soft as snow, but with teeth of steel, which bit him so savagely that his father had it killed ¡ª hence, they had the river to themselves. Hot with skating and with love coach factory they would throw themselves down in some solitary reach, where the yellow osiers fringed the bank, and wrapped in a great fur cloak Orlando would take her in his arms, and know, for the first time, he murmured, the delights of love. Then, when the ecstasy was over and they lay lulled in a swoon on the ice, he would tell her of his other loves, and how, compared with her, they had been of wood, of sackcloth, and of cinders. And laughing at his vehemence, she would turn once more in his arms and give him for loves sake, one more embrace. And then they would marvel that the ice did not melt with their heat, and pity the poor old woman who had no such natural means of thawing it, but must hack at it with a chopper of cold steel. And then, wrapped in their sables, they would talk of everything under the sun; of sights and travels; of Moor and Pagan; of this mans beard and that womans skin; of a rat that fed from her hand at table; of the arras that moved always in the hall at home; of a face; of a feather.Galleria hit them a door to smell the the one skin nitrate taste sister Bixia has cut my hair, grass jelly confirmed the woman said to her husband have cut hair compile children. Two brother-in-law actually put on a uniform, head to keep the public and comb-like straight poke hard fat. Bai Jiaxuan thought uniforms revolutionary government issued to officials at all levels robes, coach outlet bags think of rub all day stinking leather hunting leather tanner openly wear uniforms, so this uniform worthless in his eyes. 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Daughter Bai Ling boldly: "Dad, I have to study!" And take an example of two cousin, and proposed to the city to attend a book.Or short hair, clothes or Shen dark, still so slight smile in disgust, but the slightest Xu shadow of the mountains did not. Her a peanut swallow. Watching Shanshan ten long, slim fingers in irritability, irritability. She told herself, to the Shanshan happy no karen millen longer have much error. The they both inferior relationship, love can cease all Qiannian. Shanshan also clumsy to learn to be a woman. See her behalf guests pour beer, hands and feet is not quite stupid, but full of patience and repression. Susan's husband at her side, whispered teachings she who inaudible things, and in Shanshan action, showing his body slightly to help her a wish. related article:

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